Sample Letters And Search Request Forms

Search Request Forms And Sample Letters.

Use these letters and request forms to help you get information that will assist
in your search. Sample letters should be addressed to the appropriate agency.
Search request forms should be filled in with whatever information you have and
faxed to us at:+1 208-723-2006 for an evaluation and price quote.

Sample Letters
1.Letter for an Adoptee Requesting Original Birth Certificate using Birth Name

2.Letter for Adoptee Referring to a State Agency for aid in Location of Local or Private Agency Records

3.Letter for an adotpee requesting records from the hospital of birth

4.Letter requesting Death Certificate

5.Letter Requesting Probate Records

6.Letter Requesting Non-Identifying Info on Birth Parents

7.Letter Requesting Non-Identifying Info on Adoptee

For California Only!
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  • Consent For Contact
  • Wavier of Rights to Confidentiality for Siblings

  • FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) Letter Generator
    File a FOIA Request-Federal or State
    GENERATE a FOIA letter-click here
    Little-known FOIA provision allows requesters to seek an
    estimated date of completion on their FOIA requests. -Click Here
    FOIA Website

    Military FOIA

    Education in the military

    military universities

    education and FOIA

    Envelopes and letterhead printing at overnightprints

    UK Adoption Forms

    You can download the forms below in English or Welsh
    You can call the General Register Office on 0151 471 4830 to request the forms

    Once you've completed your form, post it to: Adoptions section, Room C202, General Register Office,
    Trafalgar Rd, Southport PR8 2HH. Or you could fax it to: 0151 471 4755.
    What happens next depends whether you were adopted before or after 1975.

    Search Request Forms
    1.Detailed Missing Person Inquiry Form.(non-adoption related).

    2.Bio Parent Questioneer, for those in Search of a Child Relinguished

    3.Adoptee Questioneer, for those in search of a Bio Parent

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